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Bexound Cerimonie
Cristina Trotta

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WE HAVE ALL RIGHT TO THE MARRIAGE WE HAVE ALWAYS DREAMED OF! I can't stand injustice, I believe in equality and equal opportunities, therefore in gender equality, between men and women, children and old people, gays, transgenders, genderqueers, black, yellow, red and blue: yes, as a child I dreamed of being the head of delegation for the reception of extraterrestrials on our planet! Since that moment I have studied a lot and traveled, I have a degree cum laude from Bocconi having studied the topic of "Cross-cultural Negotiations" 30 years ago. I believe it is right that everyone can freely decide who to be and with whom to stay and in what way, with the only limitation of not harming anyone else. The symbolic ceremony lends itself to this: to make people's desire to publicly declare their love important, legitimate and "sacred", filling the world with energy. I respect everyone, so even those who prefer to get married in the Church! I also organize ceremonies with the presence of the parish priest for the blessing of the ring

Cristina wedding celebrant interview
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