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Bexound Cerimonie
Cristina Trotta

My Love for il  Your Love


I am really happy to work for you and with you! In my own way I can say that I had an adventurous life, full of changes and different experiences: it was singing at many weddings that my passion for Ceremonies was born! Images, themes, speeches, music were born in my mind; basically I was planning ceremonies while singing. I love people, I love listening to life stories told from the heart and it gives me satisfaction to strive to give back a little of all this happiness that is given to me. Hope to help make the world better! I firmly believe in the magic of the human being, in the unrepeatable uniqueness of each of us and in its beauty. I am grateful to those who preceded me and for this reason I love the future, because it is our possible world, it represents the chance we have to carry on the deepest thoughts, the most burning desires, the heroic defeats of those who lived before us. , that's why I'm happy to grow old and to do it among young people, because together we can really make a difference.

My Ceremony is deep but sparkling, simple to share with guests but sophisticated in the intertwining of words and music rigorously suited to you! More and more wedding ceremonies are becoming collective rituals: you spouses do not know it, but your closest friends contact me and secretly, on the platforms for online meetings, we reason, laugh, discuss and give an emotional form to the story of your life: your guests will be able to intervene or not during the ceremony, but their contribution, harmonized with your wishes, always makes your ritual rich in meaning for all the people present. I have also created rituals of personal inspiration, in which we play to overcome the difficulties of contemporary life…. If Stefano and I come together as Bexound Musica, we can also sing live, usually the two entrances of the spouses, but certainly after the ceremony we are happy to accompany the aperitif!

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